Recent Success Stories

Guaranteed Asphalt

Many organisations rely on product testing to British Standards as part of the verification of their products. Our work with Guaranteed Asphalt took us into this area with respect to the production of Bitumen Asphalt.

A fairly new requirement with this product testing is that the producer complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 without necessarily having to go to the additional step of gaining registration. We completed this project within the fairly tight time scale imposed by the inspectorate not only to the inspector’s satisfaction but to the delight and relief of the company’s Quality Manager Dominic McDonald. Dom chose to express his gratitude with a couple of bottles of good scotch (see picture). We’re not suggesting of course that all of our clients do or should go this far but it is always nice to get that extra bit of reward.

Ceema Technology and Ceema Recruitment

Ceema like many organisations have held ISO registration for a number of years, in fact it is true to say their customer base see it as a pre requisite to the business relationship. Also like many others Ceema had historically chosen to cover the control of the system with a Quality Manager.

When Managing Director Brian Fletcher discussed the situation with JWS it was clear that he wanted the system to go in a different direction. Ceema were suffering from common problems often experienced with in house written systems. The system was very dependent on the involvement of the Quality Manager and to a fair extent had been written around him. Changes in the business structure meant that the company could not justify the additional overhead and needed to make the system work for the business.

JWS have greatly simplified the system into flow chart format reducing the tiers of documentation from five to three and have ensured that the Managers are equipped to use the system to improve the business. This was achieved while under quite severe time pressures to ensure the system was updated to ISO9001:2000 within the transition deadline

Although they are now able to run the system themselves and they are now fully the owners of the system the management team have decided that we are now part of the organisation structure and provide them with audit services and support for the system to ensure that a fresh pair of eyes approach is taken to looking for continual improvement.

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