Micronics Ltd

Recently completing registration to ISO 9001:2000 are Micronics Ltd. The company designs and manufactures Ultra Sonic flow measurement equipment and supply the equipment worldwide with significant business in the Far East.

The project was not the quickest to complete and sometimes the advice we provided strayed away from the normal boundaries of ISO9001 consulting but as they say the end justifies the means.

The system now allows the business to move forward with a structured set of process documentation providing direct feedback on performance and guidance for all members of staff. Of particular benefit is the new meeting structure built around the management review clause of the standard and the objective setting established as a result.

The business now employs service data tracking to identify service and warranty trends and the drive for continual improvement has resulted in a controlled error review system and analysis of the data provided.

Looking forward to his forthcoming semi retirement Managing Director, Ted Farnon stated he was delighted to have achieved registration at last and thanked JWS Solutions for our input with the comment ‘We couldn’t have done it without you’.

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