CMC (The Corporate Merchandise Co)

CMC is dedicated to providing corporate and promotional merchandise solutions that build corporate brand images, increase sales, grow profits and communicate.

This approach assures their clients of a first rate service, supplying quality products and solutions delivered on time, on budget and on brand.

Operating from a Head Office in Luton. CMC also have regional sales offices in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Thames Valley.

CMC originally approached JWS to help with their Quality Management Systems with the aim to gain ISO9001 registration but from the initial meetings it was determined that they also wanted to look at their Environmental Management System culminating in ISO14001 registration. The two standards were to be worked on at the same time and the project started in January 2004.

CMC was a very easy company to work with and the project progressed well. Early in the project there was a decision to incorporate a Health & Safety System into the other elements to give a truly integrated management system. OHSAS18001 was used as the Health & Safety management model but at this time CMC has decided not to pursue certification as it still remains an unaccredited standard. However, it was well worth doing as we needed to refer to a number of the Health & Safety processes and records during the environmental element of the assessment. Assessment for both ISO9001 and ISO14001 was completed in the summer of 2005 with registration being granted for both standards.

JWS look forward to a continuing relationship with CMC and we’re currently in discussions to help maintain the systems.

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